Reentry Task Force [2023]

The current Reentry Task Force was authorized by the Commission in October 2022 with a start date on April 11, 2023. This Task Force will address the reentry topics assigned by the Commission as delineated in the 2022 Biennial Letter from Gov. Jared Polis pursuant to House Bill 2018-1287, which are outlined below in "Mandates." Additionally, upcoming meetings, members, subgroups, previous meeting materials and minutes can be found below.

The Commission previously addressed the topic of reentry by seating the Re-entry Task Force that met from April 8, 2015 to July 12, 2017.

No further meetings
Date Time Location
No further meetings - -

This Task Force created no Working Groups. WG meetings are scheduled at the convenience of members. Meeting information will always be posted at least 24 hours in advance. *In-person meetings must meet an In-person RSVP/attendance threshold of 50%.

Unless noted otherwise, all Task Force meetings occur on the TUESDAY of the same week as the Friday Commission meetings, which always occur on the second Friday of the month.

For information, contact Task Force staff: Stephane Waisanen (stephane.waisanen<at>state.co.us)

Meeting Accessibility: CDPS is committed to the full inclusion of all individuals. As part of this commitment, CDPS will ensure reasonable accommodations are provided to enable all people to engage fully in our trainings, meetings and events. To request accommodations, please contact CCJJ staff support [stephane.waisanen<at>state.co.us] at least two weeks before the meeting date for which you need an accommodation. Please make sure also to let us know if you need any of the materials in an alternative format.

See the CCJJ Calendar for information on all scheduled meetings of the Commission and its subgroups.

Task Force Mandates

Pursuant to the 2022 Biennial Letter from Gov. Jared Polis (derived from House Bill 2018-1287) the Commission should examine how the state can improve services for re-entry from incarceration, including health and behavioral health services. The Commission should examine the following:

  • Operations and effectiveness of health/behavioral health services and re-entry services provided in the Department of Corrections (DOC) prior to release.
  • Services provided to recently released parolees.
  • Use of community corrections.
  • Use of other community supervision services and coordination of health/behavioral health services from DOC to community treatment providers.
  • Healthcare plans and advocacy groups.
  • How to improve re-entry programs utilized in county jails, including those that attend specifically to health and behavioral health needs of individuals in jails.

Based on the suggested areas of study above, the Commission identified these initial topics for Task Force attention:

  • Review of CDOC REENTRY SERVICES provided prior to release.
  • Develop a better coordinated and consistent system of RELEASE OPTIONS.
  • Identify methods to better MATCH INDIVIDUALS with existing release options.
  • Review POST-RELEASE SERVICES that address the needs of particular populations to enhance long-term outcomes and public safety.
  • Examine issues related to JAIL REENTRY.


Task Force Members

The CCJJ Chair and Vice-Chair shall appoint the Task Force Chair and Vice-Chair and members to the defined positions as provided below. 

Name Position / Affiliation
Abigail Tucker, Co-chair (CCJJ) Mental/Behavioral Health providers
Michael Tessean, Co-Chair CO State Board of Parole
Taj Ashaheed (CCJJ) Reentry Advocacy
Janet Drake (CCJJ) Attorney General's Office
& Victim Advocacy Representative
Rick Kornfeld (CCJJ) Private Defense/ Defense Bar
Greg Mauro (CCJJ) Community Corrections [Admin/Boards]
Steve O'Dorisio (CCJJ) Local Government/ County Commissioner (Adams Co.)
Andre Stancil (CCJJ) CO Department of Corrections
Glenn Tapia (CCJJ) Probation Services/ Judicial
Meredith Davis Health Care Policy & Financing
Joy Hart Behavioral Health Administration
Travis Horton CO Community Corrections Coalition [Programs]
Brian Mason Prosecution/ CO District Attorneys' Council
Merideth McGrath Parole/ CO Department of Corrections
Katie Ruske Office of Community Corrections/ Div. of Criminal Justice
Sylvia Simms Law Enforcement/ Sheriff's Office (Summit Co.)
Todd Spanier Local Government/ County Criminal Justice Services (Arapahoe Co.) 
VACANT - Recruiting for consideration Other Law Enforcement
VACANT - Recruiting for consideration Legislative representative

Staff: Stephane Waisanen (stephane.waisanen<at>state.co.us)
(CCJJ) - Commission members

Former Members
Position Name, Affiliation

The Reentry Task Force [2023] created no subgroups.*

* Pursuant to § 24-6-402(2)(a), C.R.S., "All meetings of two or more members of any state public body at which any public business is discussed or at which any formal action may be taken are declared to be public meetings open to the public at all times." Subgroups meet this requirement if two or more Commission members participate.

Reentry Task Force [2023] materials.
Minutes of the Reentry Task Force [2023] may be found below under "Previous Meetings."


pdf "CCJJ 101" - Welcome and Introduction to CCJJ
(Jack Reed, Div. of Criminal Justice)

pdf Overview: Paths to Reentry
Previous Meetings
Minutes of previous meetings are posted here, subsequent to applicable committee approval. Meeting audio is available for six months (180 days) from the meeting date after which the minutes document serves as the record of the meeting.

RETF = Reentry Task Force
Committee Date/Time Location Minutes / Audio
May 9, 2023
9:30am - 9:40pm
Virtual Meeting pdf icon5/9/23 Minutes
(Audio expired)
Inaugural Meeting
April 11, 2023
9:30am - 12:00pm
Virtual Meeting pdf icon4/11/23 Minutes
(Audio expired)