The Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice was created by HB07-1358 (see, About: Enabling Legislation) with a mission and duties provided in statute. The legislative declarations of this enabling legislation also suggested several expectations for the work of the Commission: improving the effective administration of justice, the comprehensive evidence-based examination and analysis of various aspects of the justice system. These analyses were expected to include the criminal and juvenile justice systems, the characteristics of offenders being sentenced to the department of corrections, the alternatives to incarceration, the effectiveness of prevention programs, and the effectiveness of the criminal code and sentencing laws in securing public safety. Upon the study of such topics, the Commission was expected to produce recommendations. Some of the recommendations generated by the Commission result in legislation.

The acts (bills signed into law) derived from, inspired by, or related to Commission recommendations are provided below with the more recent bills listed first. Additionally, the table below provides cross-references to the Commission recommendations related to each bill. Note that multiple recommendations may have been combined into a single bill. Other bills signed into law that mandated or suggested actions by the Commission and directives from the Executive and/or Legislative branches to the Commission may be found at, Resources: Mandates.

Entries last updated, June 27, 2023.