CCJJ offers hybrid meetings for Commission, Task Force, Subcommittee and Working Group meetings (choice of In-person or Virtual attendance).
See the calendar entries below and/or Meetings for virtual meeting details.

Abbreviations for committees

= Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice
Leg. Subc. - CCJJ Legislative Subcommittee
CCTF - Community Corrections Task Force
RETF - Reentry Task Force
SRTF - Sentencing Reform Task Force (SRTF)
SRTF: Sent. Alt./Dec. & Prob. WG - Sentencing Alternatives/Decisions & Probation Working Group
SRTF: Sent. Structure WG - Sentence Structure Working Group

On Hiatus
PRTF = Pretrial Release Task Force

SRTF: Parole WG - Parole Working Group
SRTF: Sent. Progression WG - Sentence Progression Working Group

Information on concluded Task Forces and Subcommittees may be found in the navigation above, "Committees: Previous Committees."