Sunset Review

- The Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR) conducted a sunset review of the CCJJ as described in § 2-3-1203, Colorado Revised Statutes. This analysis was performed to determine whether the CCJJ is necessary and should be continued or repealed. This sunset review was completed October 14, 2022 for which a Review and Fact Sheet are available at the COPRRR Archive of Reviews: coprrr.colorado.gov/archive-of-reviews.
- The Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing on the sunset review of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) on January 30, 2023.
- Senate Bill 2023-158 (Concerning the continuation of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice) was introduced on February 15, 2023 and was under consideration through May 7, 2023.
- On May 7, 2023, the House Judiciary Committee postponed indefinitely Senate Bill 2023-158 to reauthorize the Commission. The Commission suspended the work of all committees and all remaining work.